The institution is keen to keep pace with the technological developments and the faculty is encouraged to use the latest technologies and facilities to make teaching more effective.

The initiatives of the college in this direction include the following:

• The college campus is connected through LAN and high speed internet is made available.
• Most of the classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors.
• Softwares such as MATLAB, Tally operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Linux.
• Subscription to INFLIBNET and e-journals.
• Effective use of social networking sites and video sharing sites.
• e-notes and learning materials.
• Library is supported by SOUL, WEBOPAC and library management software.
• Portable scanners are available in most of the department. Being a member of UGC-approved INFLIBNET N-LIST Programme, the faculty can access a wide range of e-journals and e-books. Well-equipped English Language Lab,Well-furnished Computer Laboratories, Separate Digital and Microcontroller software, seminar hall with ICT facilities. Library and individual departments
maintain educational Audio-visual aids in teaching-learning.

The facilities made available by the college to the faculty for effective teaching are:
• Internet connectivity/Wi-Fi to all the departments with N-computing and LAN.
• Teachers are encouraged to participate in special training programmes and summer research fellowships at centres of higher learning and excellence.
• The expertise gained by the teachers is shared with all for effective teaching.