1) At present college has 02 SPPU recognised research centres and 08 recognised research guides.The number of research students at research programme at our centre is 07. Nineteen research students are registered for M.Phil. / Ph.D. with our faculty but at different research centres.
2) A research committee comprising experienced teachers from different faculties and office bearers is formed to plan, monitor and review research activities and facilities, providing information of research schemes to students and teachers.
3) The number of on-going and completed research projects funded by BCUD-SPPU and UGC is 29 with a total outlay of Rs. 52.55 lakhs.
4) Forty five workshops / training programmes have been conducted to promote research culture and apraise faculty and students with the latest developments in the concerned subjects. More than 128 eminent researchers and industrial experts, scientists from recognised institutions visited thecampus on various occasions.
5) Teachers and students participate in the research project competition "Avishkar‟ by SPPU and won prizes.
6) A separate budgetary allocation for research is regularly made to provide funds to research centres. The funds provided through budgets and received
under various schemes are utilized to purchase necessary equipment,infrastructure, instruments, books, journals, etc. During last four years the total expenditure incurred is eighty five lakhs.
7) Faculty have undertaken research projects with relevance to local society and agricultural, socioeconomic problems, geography, cropping patterns,water management, local history, work of social workers, saints, etc.
8) The college has received special grants under the DST-FIST scheme, UGC special grants. Such grants have been utilized for research activities.
9) College has developed research laboratories in Chemistry and Botany during the period. Necessary equipment and instruments are purchased.Physics research centre is recommended by LIC, SPPU, Pune.
10) SPPU has developed Central Instrumentation Facility at Ahmednagar sub Centre which is just 40 km away from Parner. Our teachers, PG students
and research scholars can avail of the central instrumentation facility as well as facilities at our parent institute at Ahmednagar.
11) The publications reported by faculty in reputed journals and conferences are 493. The publications in the form of proceedings and books are 203. Books
authored by faculty are 66. Faculty members have been honoured by prestigious awards for their academic achievements and excellence.
12) The Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) efforts include "Swachha Bharat Abhiyan‟, street plays, rallies, tree plantation, environmental
awareness, voting awareness, Aadhar card, Jagar Janivancha, Save Girl Child Campaign, Road Safety Campaign, plastic free campus, tree plantation, construction of contour bunds, etc. Many of such activities have been recognized and reciprocated at local, state and national level.A voluntary fund collection by staff and students for Drought Relief Fund,Flood Relief Fund, Flag Day Fund and Student Relief amounts to more thantwo lakhs.
13) It is noteworthy that during the last four years eight N.C.C. cadets have participated in Republic Day Parade at New Delhi and one N.S.S. volunteer has participated in Republic Day Parade.
14) Organization of blood donation camps is the regular activity. During the period more than nine hundred students have donated blood to local blood
banks. The college got appreciation from District Government Hospital,Ahmednagar.
15) Alumni and parents meet are organised regularly at departmental level.
16) Budgetary provision for extension activities and outreach activities accounted for Rs. fifteen lakhs.
17) In order to ensure social justice and empower students college has undertaken various activities in collaboration with Hind Swaraj Trust,Ralegaon Siddhi, Parner Journalists association, Parner Lawyers Association, Jankalyan blood bank, primary health centre, Bhairavi group Parner, Sakhar self-help group, etc. Earn and learn scheme, physical and
socioeconomic survey of villages in region.
18) College is recipient of Best College Magazine Award by SPPU twice in 2013, 2014.
19) College is recipient of fifteen awards from SPPU, GoM and other agencies during the period.
20) The collaborations with research laboratories, institutes and industry like Jaykar library, Deccan Institute of Chemical Technology, Maharashtra Bhugol Shastra Parishad, (Geography), Ahmednagar History Museum,Green Shine Biotech, Maharastra Rashtrabhasha Parishad, IMRRD, Ahmednagar, Bhaskaracharya Mathematics Foundation, etc were established.
21) Eight MOUs are signed with various organisations.