Competitive Examination Centre & Career Katta

A competitive examination cell has been set up to provide information and guidance to students who come from rural backgrounds and prepare for competitive exams. It informs students about various central and state government examinations such as UPSC, Staff Selection Commission, Banking, Defense, and MPSC, among others. It also encourages rural students to prepare and appear for various competitive examinations. It also aims to create awareness among the students for various competitive exams. It helps to develop a sense of social commitment and civic responsibility. It makes them capable of facing emergencies and natural disasters. It helps students acquire leadership qualities and a democratic approach. It also helps to strengthen national integrity and social harmony.


Prof. P. N. Daule, 9175126680
Prof. N. S. Nipunge, 9922194849
Dr. P. P. Bharate, 9405244614
Prof. N. B. Chede, 9657633064
Prof. A. B. Chindhe, 9552276939
Prof. S. D. Thombare, 9422838342

Aims and Objective:
1. To organize different guest lectures for the students about competitive examinations.
2. To encourage the students to join Career Katta (Govt. of Maharashtra initiative for guidance on competitive examinations).
3. To help the students fill up the forms for various competitive examinations.
4. To help with overall difficulties that arise for students on their competitive examination journey.

1. Experienced staff.
2. Well-established library facility.
3. Special coaching for higher secondary students.
4. Periodical unit test.
5. Participation certificate.

1. UPSC / MPSC foundation course.
2. Arrange Workshops.
3. Arrange Guest Lectures on various contemporary Social, Political, Economic and Environmental issues.


Test Series

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