Criterion V: - Student Support and Progression

      The highlights of this Criterion V are the efforts of an institution to provide necessary assistance to students, to enable them to acquire meaningful experiences for learning at the campus and to facilitate their holistic development and progression. It also looks into student performance and alumni profiles and the progression of students to higher education and gainful employment.

Key Indicators:

5.1 Student Support

5.2 Student Progression

5.3 Student Participation and Activities

5.4 Alumni Engagement

Chairman: Smt. J. D. Mhaske
Members: Dr. S. M. Gaikwad

Mr. A. J. Dhole

Mr. R. B. Kharade

SSR Supporting Files

5.1.1 Percentage of students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided

5.1.2 Capacity building and Skill enhancement

5.1.3 Percentage of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examination

5.1.4 The Institution has a transparent mechanism for timely redressal

5.2.1 Placement and Higher Progression

5.2.2 Percentage of students qualifying in state national international level Examination

5.3.1 Number of awards medals for outstanding performance in sports and culture

5.3.2 Average number of sports and cultural programs

5.4.1 Alumni Engagement

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