Department of English

The department was established in 1977. The department offers under-graduate and post-graduate programs in English.

Courses Offered

B. A. H.S.C./Diploma 3 Years             240
M.A. Any Graduate 2 Years              60


1 Prof Kale A. C. H.o.D. M.A,SET
2 Prof Sathe V. S. Asst. Prof. M.A,B.Ed
3 Prof Mhankale S. Y. Asst. Prof. M.A,SET
4 Prof Chindhe A. B. Asst. Prof. M.A., B.Ed, SET
5 Dr. Bharate P. P. Asst. Prof. M.A., B.Ed, Ph.D

Sr.No. Name /Conference => District University State National International
1. Prof. Popatrao Thanage 8 19 9 15 3
2. Prof. Anil Kale 1 1 1 6 2
3. Prof. Sunil Mhankale 3 1 - - -
4. Prof. Anil Chindhe - - - - -
5. Prof. Vikas Sathe - - 1 1 1
6. Prof.Utkarsha Bhingardive - - - - -

Sr.No Name No. of Papers Published
1. Prof. Popatrao Thanage 1
2. Prof. Anil Kale 4
3. Prof. Sunil Mhankale -
4. Prof. Anil Chindhe -
5. Prof. Vikas Sathe 1
6. Prof.Utkarsha Bhingardive -

Project and MRP
Prof. Anil Kale and Prof. Sudhakar Shinde have completed one Minor Research Project each. The Projects were sanctioned and funded by UGC.

Sr.No Extra Activities of the Department
1. Educational Tours are organised.
2. Seminars/Conferences are organised as well as attended by the faculty.
3. The Department runs a Certificate Course in German language.
4. Guest lectures of eminent scholars are arranged.
5. Two of the faculty members have visited Spain under Erasmus Mundus scholarship scheme.
6. The Department has developed a well-furnished digital Language Laboratory.
7. The Department runs a self-funded Functional English course.
8. The Department has organized two National Level Conferences.
9. The Department has a in-house Library having 210 books.
10. All the faculty members and students are computer literate.
11. S.Y.B.A. students teach English in neighbouring schools during Diwali and Christmas vacations.
12. Started post graduate course in English since 2013-14.
13. Department has received a grant of Rs 7 lakh for running a Certificate course in communicative English since 2015-16 with UGC
14. MSSDS has sanctioned a course in Spoken English.
15. Teachers from the department are working as a resource persons for soft Skills programmes and competitive exams.
16. Teaching aids: computers, Printer, photocopier, scanner, LCD Projector, DVD player, audio/video CDs, tape recorder, headphones, TV, DTH, battery backup etc
17. Subscription to Journals: 4