Department of Geography

Department of Geography has been established since the inception of this college in July 1977. It offers Geography at a special level for graduate degree since 1993, for postgraduate degree since 2010 and for PhD research degree since 2021-22. The department has developed a well-equipped laboratory with modern instruments. Department has a very good track record of the academic results. The department is having a highly qualified and well experienced staff.

Name of Programme Eligibility Intake Capacity Duration
B. A. Geography HSC 120 3 Years
M.A./M.Sc. Geography B.A./B.Sc. Geography 24 2 Years
Ph. D M.A./M. Sc. Or M.Phil. Geography with PET/SET/NET 08 3 Years
Certificate course Land Surveying               40   3 Months
Assistant Professor: 06                                             Research Guides: 02                        Ph.D.s                     : 02                                             NET/SET            : 05
Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Specialization Photo Biodata
1.       Dr. R.E. Najan M. A., B.Ed., M. Phil, Ph. D. Assistant Professor & Head Economic Geography View
2.       Dr. D.S. Ghungarde         M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D., NET Assistant Professor Population Geography View
3.       J. D. Mhaske M.A. B. Ed., NET Assistant Professor Geomorphology View
4.       A. V. Thokal M.A.,NET Assistant Professor Economic Geography View
5.       K. K. Sasane M.A.,NET,SET Assistant Professor Economic Geography View
6.       S. S. Aher M.A., B.Ed., NET Assistant Professor Economic Geography View
Year Programme Name Percentage Result
2017-18 B. A. Geography 70.37
M.A. Geography 100
2018-19 B. A. Geography 84.38
M.A. Geography 100
2019-20 B. A. Geography 71
M.A. Geography 93.75
2020-21 B. A. Geography 76.66
M.A. Geography 78.57
2021-22 B. A. Geography 87.50
M.A. Geography 87.50
  1. SPPU, Pune recognized Research Guides: 1.Dr. R.E.Najan 2.Dr. D. S. Ghungarde
  2. Ph.D. Registered: 04
Sr. No. Name of Student Guide Name Topic Status
1.       Vaibhav Vasant Mhaske Dr.R.E.Najan Impact of Dairy Farming  and Allied Agricultural Activities on Socio-Economic Status of Farmers in Nagar Tahsil of Ahmednagar District Ongoing
2.       Amol Shankar Darandale Dr.R.E.Najan Utilization of Agricultural Technology and its relation with Socio-Economic Status of Farmers in Ahmednagar District Ongoing
3.       Jyotsna Dattatray  Mhaske Dr.R.E.Najan Impact of Topography on Land Use and Socio-Economic Status of Parner Tahsil in Ahmednagar District Ongoing
4.       Saraswati Dattatray Devhare Dr.R.E.Najan Study of Women Empowerment status related to Self Help Groups  and Non Self Help Groups in Newasa  Tahasil of Ahmednagar District Ongoing
Publications :
Sr. No. Name of Author Title of research article Name of Journal Year of Publication with volume, page number Link/DoI
1.       Dr. R. E. Najan A Study of Cropping Intensity of Ahmednagar district-A Geographical Analysis National Journal of Maharashtra Bhugolshastra Sanshodhan Patrika Jul-Dec-2012 Vol. XXIX Issue-2 Pp-66-66  
2.       Dr. R. E. Najan Network Security Research Journal for Resurrection in Intellectual Disciplines Feb. 2013 Vol.4 Issue 1 pp-42-44  
3.       Dr. R. E. Najan Crop Diversification in Ahmednagar District: A Geographical Analysis Social Growth April-2013 Vol-III Issue –V Pp-33-39  
4.       Dr. R. E. Najan A Study of Weekly Market Centers in Parner Tahasil of Ahmednagar District Interlink Research Analysis June 2013 Vol. VII ,Issue-VII Pp-33-40  
5.       Dr. R. E. Najan A Study of Crop Combination Regions in South–East Part of Ahmednagar District Weekly science May-2014 Vol-1 Issue-41 Pp-8-12  
6.       Dr. R. E. Najan Crop Diversification in South- East Part of Ahmednagar District: A Geographical Analysis SPEIL Special Issue on Environment 2014 Issue 4    
7.       Dr. R. E. Najan Impact of Water Resources Utilization and Cropping Pattern of Ahmednagar District-A Case Study of Parner Tehsil Indian Streams Research Journal Dec – 2015 Vol.- 5  Issue – 11 Pp-1-6  
8.       Dr. R. E. Najan Indian Agriculture in the year 2020: An overview with relation for upgrading yield and sustainable food security Scholars World (IRMJCR February 2016 Pp no29-31  
9.       Dr. R. E. Najan Review of Various published material on the e-learning process Sanshodhan Samiksha January 2017 Pp-42-44  
10.    Dr. R. E. Najan A study of Tourist Centers in Parner Tahasil: An Overview Indo Asian Research Reporter Jan-2017 Vol-5  Issue –III Pp-96-99
11.    Dr. R. E. Najan LU & LC Classification in Central Part of Maharashtra using IRS-P LISS-IV Image Current Global Reviewer February 2018 Vol.1(1)  Pp-36-42
12.    Dr. R. E. Najan Brief Analysis of Work done on Temporal Changes in agricultural Land Use Pattern in India from 1985 to 2010 International Journal of Multifaceted & Multilingual Studies February-2018 Vol.V Issue-II Pp-54-56
13.    Dr. R. E. Najan Physical Impact of Tourism Development Research Journey February 2018  Pp-316-318
14.    Dr. R. E. Najan Temporal Changes of Cropping Pattern in Ahmednagar District Research Journey February  2019 Pp-5-7
15.    Dr. R. E. Najan Present Tourism Scenario & New Technology Models for Development of Buddhist Tourism in India AJANTA January-March 2019 Pp-54-57
16.    Dr. R. E. Najan Analysis of Sustainable Agricultural Development  in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra (India ) Waffen –Und Kostumkunde Journal February 2020 Vol-XI, Issue- II   Pp-250-258
17.    Dr. R. E. Najan Utilization of Chemical Fertilizers in Agricultural Zone of Maharashtra State Akshar Wangmay September 2020 Issue-II Pp-72-75
18.    Dr. R. E. Najan Morphometric Analysis in Sina River Basin-A Geographical Study Akshar Wangmay September 2020 Issue-II Pp-76-81
19.    Dr. R. E. Najan Global Climate Change & Agricultural Technologies: A Geographical Perspective International Journal of Researches in Biosciences, Agriculture and Technology Sept 2020:  Issue (VIII), Vol. III Pp- 203-206
20.    Dr. R. E. Najan Development in Natural Attractions Centers in the Country Journal of Research and Development On Sustainable Development Goals: Initiatives, Execution and Challenges June-2021, Volume-11, Issue-17 Pp-159-161
21.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Impact of Farm-ponds on Agriculture-A Case study of Parner Tehsil.   MaharashtraBhugolshastraSanshodhan Patrika Jul-Dec.2015
22.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Regional study of Parner town: Special reference to water crisis SPEIL Darpen   2016 Vol-III
23.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Geographical Analysis of Irrigation Sources in AhmednagarDistrict (M.S) Indo Asian Research Reporter 2017 V.III
24.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde  The Study of Rainwater Harvesting system in New Arts, Commerce and Science college, Parner, Dist -Ahmednagar(M.S.)India Flora and Fauna: An International Research Journal of Biological Sciences 2017 www.floraand
25.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Change in Landuse Pattern in AhmednagarDistrict :A GeographicalAnalysis International Research Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Studies 2018
26.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde  Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Farm- ponds in AhmednagarDistrict AJANTA 2019 m
27.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Geographical Study of Crop Diversification pattern in AhmednagarDistrict 2000-01to 2015-16 MaharashtraBhugolshastra Sanshodhan Patrika 2020
28.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde A Geograph ical Study of Rainfall Distribution in Ahmedna gar District, State of Maharashtra Internation al Journal of Researcher s in Bioscience s, Agriculture and Technolog y (IJRBAT 2020
29.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Environmental Analysis of Climatic Elements of Ahmednagar District M.S.) Akshar Wangmay 2021
30.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Impact Analysis of Jalyukt Shiwar Scheme:A Case Study of Chas village in Ahmednagar District Shodh Sarita 2021
31.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde The Role of Farm ponds in Agricultu ral Develop ment; A Case study of Wadule village in Parner tehsil of Ahmedna gar district (M.S.) Journal of Research and Developme nt-A Multidiscip linary International level 2021
32.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde The Role of Farm ponds in Agricultu ral Develop ment; A Case study of Nivadung e village in Pathardi Tehsil of Ahmedna gar District(M.S.) Applied Ecology and Environme ntal Sciences, Science and Education Publishing 2021 m
33.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde A Geograph ical Analysis of Change in Cropping Pattern: A Case Study of Farm- pond holding farmers in Ahmedna gar District Wesleyan Journal of Research 2021
34.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Impact of Farm- ponds on changing Cropping patterns: A Case Study of Wadule village in Parner tehsil of Ahmedna gar District (M.S.) MaharashtraBhugolshastra Sanshodhan Patrika 2021 www.mbppune.o
35.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Watershed and Streams Delineation using Q-GIS and DEM; A Geographical Analysis of Upper  Godavari Basin (M.S., India) Wesleyan Journal of Research 2021
36.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde “Use of GIS And remote  Sensing in Agriculture Geography” International Journal     2016  
37.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Milk Agro-based industries: Geographical analysis of Parner tehsil Indo Asian Research Reporter  2017
38.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde पारनेर तालुक्यातील कोरडवाहू शेतीचा भौगोलीक अभ्यास UGC Approved International Research Journal For All Subject & All Language Role of Geospatial Techniques for Land use / Land cover Change    2018  
39.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde “Geographical analysis Of Irrigation  Resources: A Case study of Ahmednagar SHODHANKAN Recurring Droughts & Watershed Development        2018
40.    Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Water Crisis : A Case Study Of Parner Town, Parner Tahsil AJANTA An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal          2019  
41.    J. D. Mhaske महाराष्ट्र दुष्काळ: एक भोगोलिक विश्लेषण International Online Multidisciplinary Journal        2019  
42.    J. D. Mhaske CORONA A BILOGICAL DISASTER: A GEOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS  ShodhSarita An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Bilingual Peer Reviewed Refereed Research Journal          2021 http:/
43.    J. D. Mhaske  Changing Land Use: A Environmental Analysis of Parner Tehsilin Ahmednagar Akshar Wangmay 2021 -
44.    J. D. Mhaske Tehsil Wise Literacy  Differentials in Ahmednagar District (M.S)1981-2011 Wesleyan Journal of Research 2021    
45.    J. D. Mhaske A Study of Cropping Area and Production in Pune District-A Geographical Analysis International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research  2013
46.    J. D. Mhaske Cropping Pattern, A Geographical Analysis A case Study of Pathardi Tehesil,  District Ahmednagar (M.S.) International Research Journal 2016
47.    J. D. Mhaske Geographical analysis of Government Scheme for Agriculture: A Case Study of Parner Tahsil Indo Asian Research Reporter   2017
48.    J. D. Mhaske Geographical analysis of Irrigation Resources: A case Study of Ahmednagar District Shodhankan    2018
49.    J. D. Mhaske पारनेर तालुक्यातील  कोरडवाहू शेतीचा भौगोलिक अभ्यास  Current Global Reviewer 2018
50.    A. V. Thokal Role of  Micro irrigation in Agricultural Development: A Case Study of Goregaon Village in Parner Tahsil , District Ahmednagar(MS) AJANTA An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal 2019
51.    A. V. Thokal Water Crisis: A Case Study of Parner Town, Parner Tahasil District Ahmednagar AJANTA An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal  2019
52.    A. V. Thokal Environmental Analysis of Changing Land Use And Cropping Pattern: A Case Study of Ahmednagar District.  (M.S.) Akshar Wangmay   2021
53.    K. K. Sasane Climate Change Impact on Food Security Indo-Asian Research Reporter 2017
54.    S. S. Aher A Geographical Study of Major Crops And Challenges In Indian Agriculture Ajanta 2017
55.    S. S. Aher Environmental Degradation Causes And Consequences Indo Asian Research Reporter 2019
56.    S. S. Aher A Geographical Study of Irrigation Pattern In Parner Tahsil Ahmednagar District  International Research journal of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies 2021
57.    S. S. Aher A Geographical Study of Irrigation Pattern in Parner Tehsil Journal of Research and Development 2021 -
Sr. No. Author Title Year of Publication
1 Dr. R. E. Najan Designing customized Real Time Crop Requirement and Yield Suggestive System to Support The Financial Growth of Farmers. 06.07.2022 09.09.2022
 No of Books Published 
Sr No Name of the Faculty No of Book Published
1 Dr.  R. E.Najan 06
2 Dr. D. S. Ghungarde 02
       3 J.D.Mhaske 01
 Project :
Sr. No. Name of The Teacher Name of Project Amount Sanctioned Name of the Funding Agency Status
1.       Dr.  R. E. Najan   A Study of Weekly Market Centers in Parner Taluka 50000/- University Grants Commission (UGC), Completed
2.       Dr. D. S. Ghungarde Study of Water Supply System in Ahmednagar City: A Geographical Analysis 120000/- University Grants Commission (UGC),                                 Govt. of India, New Delhi Completed
3.       A.V.Thokal The Role of Dairy Farming in the Socio-Economic Development of the Farmers in Parner Tahasil 85000/- University Grants Commission (UGC),            Completed
Sr. No. Title of Activity Date
1.     International Conference on Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Agriculture 20th  and 21st   January 2017
2.     Workshop on Restructuring of Geography Syllabus 16th  April 2019
3.     National Webinar on Impact of Covid-19 on Environment: Geo Analysis 31st  July 2021
4.     Alumni Meet 1st  September 2021
5.     Workshop conducted on Application of Geographical knowledge 7th  February 2022
Sr. No. Name of Alumni Current Place & Designation
1.       Adv. Babasaheb Mawale Lawyer , Ahmednagar
2.       Dr. Anilkumar Pathare  Professor Bitco College, Nashik
3.       Dr. Jyoti  Pathare Associate Professor HPT, RYK College Nashik
4.       Mr. Aadesh Baragal CISF, Panjim GOA
5.       Dr. Nilesh Padalkar Assistant Professor, C.T. Bora College, Shirur
6.       Mr. Rakhamaji Hajare Development Officer ,LIC, Parner
7.       Mr. Rohidas Pote Secondary Teacher, Ralegaon Siddhi
8.       Miss. Sonali Buge State Bank of India, Sangamner
9.       Dr. Kishor Chaudhari Assistant  Professor ,Modern College, Pune
10.    Manisha  More Assistant Professor, Ahmednagar
11.    Mr. Avin Gawali Suryoday, Senior, Branch Manager, Inclusive Finance, Nashik
12.    Mr. Akshay Lanke Safety and Security Officer, Modern Veer Rays Security Force,Pune
13.    Miss. Akanksha Shinde GIS, Analysists PROXIMA Geospatial Services, LLP, Pune
14.    Miss. Rekha Bhandari Geospatial Analysist, Aidash Software Company, Bengaluru
15.    Mr. Raj Belote Self-Business ,Parner
16.    Mr. Mahesh Pawar Self-Business, Supa
17.    Mr. Subhash More Indian Army, EME, Pathankot, Panjab
18.    Mr. Sandip  Date Mahanagar Bank, Mumbai
19.    Mr. Sudhir Mandage  Field Coordinator, Talent Pro India, HR. Pvt. Ltd, Shirur
20.    Mr. Rahul Narasale Geospatial Analysist, Genesys, Mumbai
21.    Mr. Kiran Wadhawane Self-Business ,Aroma Industry Pimpri Jalsen
  • Well and specious equipped laboratory
  • Research Center
  • Necessary surveying instruments
  • Availability of Sufficient maps
  • Departmental library with no of books
  • Computer lab with internet and backup facility
  • Availability of Toposheets