Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science has been established in 1977. The main focus of the department is to inculcate political values among the student. Department is committed to aware students about political system and process from local to International Level. The Department is trying to develop leadership skills to participate and contribute actively in the Nation Building process.

Name of Programme Eligibility Intake Capacity Duration
B.A. Political Science HSC 60 3 Years
Teaching Staff: Professor 00,          Associate Professor: 01   Assistant Professor: 01 Research Guides: 00,                        Post-Doctoral Fellows: 00      Ph.D.s: 00                                         NET/SET: 02
Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Specialization Photo Biodata
1.     Prof. V. S. Dhanashetti (Till June 2022) M.A., SET Associate Professor, Head of the Department Political Science ResearchGate  
2.     Prof. S. A.  Thombare B.E. Mech.,M.A., SET Assistant Professor Political Science View
3.     N. S. Nipunge (From July 2022) M.A., M.Phil, SET Assistant Professor Political Science View
Year Programme Name Percentage Result
2017-18 B.A. Political Science 86.66%
2018-19 B.A. Political Science 85.71%
2019-20 B.A. Political Science 66.66%
2020-21 B.A. Political Science 76.19%
2021-22 B.A. Political Science 83.33%
Rank Holders
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Class and Year University Rank
1. Pathare Pratiksha  Bharat B.A. -2017 15
Sr. No. Academic Year Name of Organization/Industry Number of Students placed
1.       2017-18 Police 1
2.       2018-19 Indian Army 1
3.       2019-20 Supervisor – Weighment at Suguna Foods PVT.LTD Nashik. 1
4.       2020-21 Modern Veer Rays Security Force (India) PVT.LTD. 1
HDFC Bank 1
Ananya Placement Services Ahmednagar 1
5.       2021-22 Jilha Parishad ,Ahmednagar 1
Vividhalahari Mobile 1
Sainath Bharat Gas 1
Sr. No. Name of Author Title of research article Name of Journal Year of Publication with volume , page number Link/DoI
1.       A.S. Fulari 73 vya ghatanadurustiche Mahatva Vidyawarta Special Issue Page no. 63 January 2018  
2.       V.S. Dhanashetti Com. Datta Deshmuykh yanche Shetkari v kamgar Chalvalitil Yogadan  Research Journey Special Issue -79,Page No. 54-57   December 2018    
3.       A.S. Fulari Bharatiy Rashtravad Research Journey Special Issue -165 (B) February 2019  
4.       S.A. Thombare Women are the Real Architects of Society Snehavardhan Publishing House, pune 15 December 2019  
5.       V.S. Dhanashetti Pros & Cons of Indian Nationalism : Is India a Nation Navjyot International Interdisciplinary research Journal (Humanities, Social Sciences,Language,Commerce & Management January 2020  
6.       V.S. Dhanashetti ROLE OF MEDIA IN  STRENGTHENING THE INDIAN DEMOCRACY Journal of Modern Thamizh Research July – Sept . 2021  
7.       N.S. Nipunge An Introduction to Indian Constitution School of Open Learning (Distance Education Programme)Savitribai Phule Pune University 2021
No of Books published :  
1.       V.S. Dhanashetti XX
2.                 S.A. Thombare XX
3.                 N.S. Nipunge 01
Sr. No. Name of The Teacher Name of Project Amount Sanctioned Name of the Funding Agency Status
1.       Dr. G.S. Mundhe Hivare Bajar ani Ralegan Sidhhi Gramapanchayaticha Abhyas   5,000/- College Completed
Sr. No. Title of Activity Date
1.       Constitutional Day 26/11/2017
2.       National Voters Day 25/01/2018
3.       Constitutional Day 26/11/2018
4.       National Voters Day 25/01/2019
5.       Democracy Fortnight 25/01/2019 to 10/02/2019
6.       Constitutional Day 26/11/20219
7.       National Voters Day 25/01/2020
8.       Constitutional Day 26/11/2020
9.       National Voters Day 25/01/2021
10.    Democracy Fortnight 25/01/2021 to 10/02/2021
11.    Constitutional Day 26/11/2021
12.    National Voters Day 25/01/2022
Sr. No. Name Of Alumni Current Place & Designation Achievements
1.       Badhe Varsha Maruti Delhi, Police Constable  Central police
2.       Sobale Swapnil Deoram Mumbai , Police Constable  Police
3.       Thanage Rahul Karbhari J&K , Indian Army Army
4.       Pujari Bharati Bahiru Mumbai , Police Constable  Police
5.       Borude Tejashri Jaysing Mumbai , Police Constable  Police
6.       Dongare Govardhan Appasaheb Supervisor – Weighment at Suguna Foods PVT.LTD Nashik. Supervisor
7.       Thombare Mahesh Ramdas Supervisor- Modern Veer Rays Security Force (India) PVT.LTD. Supervisor
8.       Auti Sachin Shubham Accountant, HDFC Bank Accountant
9.       Modhave Tushar Balasaheb  Manager, Sainath Bharat Gas Manager
10.    Rakshe Pritam Yuvraj Vividhalahari Mobile Owner
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