Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce has been established in 1977 in the form of B.Com programme and is extended to M.Com programme 2013. It also caters the needs of the students through certificate course on Computerized Accounting. Department is largely involved developing the professional and business skills among students. Department has produced large number of accountants who are serving the different banks and cooperative societies. Many of them became successful entrepreneurs and few of the alumni are involved in guidance for taxation and audit.

Name of Programme Eligibility Intake Capacity Duration
B.Com HSC 240 3 Years
M.Com BA/BCom/BSc 120 2 Years
Certificate course in Computerized Accounting HSC 240 30 Hrs.
Teaching Staff:  Assistant Professor: 05 Ph. D.s: 02                                          NET/SET: 03
Sr. No Name Qualification Designation Specialization Photo Bio data
1.       Dr. Y.  M. Waghere M. Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., G.D.C. & A.  Assistant Professor andHead Adv. Cost A/c and Cost Syst.  
2.       S. R. Pathare M.Com, NET, SET, G.D.C. & A. Assistant Professor Adv. Cost A/c and Cost Syst  
3.       Dr. B. D. Bhalerao M.Com, SET, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Business Administration  
4.       T. A. Galbote M.Com., SET Assistant Professor Adv. Cost A/c and Cost Syst  
5.       A. A. Gaike M.Com., B. Ed., G. D. C. & A Assistant Professor Adv. Cost A/c and Cost Syst  
Year Programme Name Percentage Result
2017-18 B.Com 84.50
M.Com 98.00
2018-19 B.Com 96.67
M.Com 99.00
2019-20 B.Com 100.00
M.Com 100.00
2020-21 B.Com 95.00
M.Com 100
2021-22 B.Com 89.00
M.Com 100
 Rank Holders
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Class and Year University Rank
1.       Vadaje Sujata Arun M.Com 2015 3rd
2.       Borude Yogesh Dnyandev M.Com 2015 6th
3.       Borude Taibai Dnyandev M.Com 2015 7th
4.       Auti Jyoti Sudhakar M.Com 2016 6th
Sr. No. Academic Year Name of Organization/Industry Number of Students placed
1.       2017-18 Belstar Invest. And Finance Pvt. Ltd 01
2.       The Mahanagar Co-operative Bank Ltd. 01
3.       Vijaylakshmi Roadlinks 01
4.       2018-19 Belstar Invest. And Finance Pvt. Ltd 01
5.       SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 01  
6.       2019-20 Tata Motar Ltd. 01
7.       HDB Financial Services 01
8.       Apollo Munich Health Insurance 01
9.       Mahindra Finance 01
10.    Prakash Mahendra Vinod & Co. 01
11.    i-process Pvt. Ltd 01
12.    Prakash Mahendra Vinod & Co. 01
13.    Comprehensive Support Services Pvt.Ltd. 01
14.    CMR and Co. 01
15.    Asif Shaikh and Associates 01
16.    Indian Navy 01
17.    Axis Bank 01
18.    Viraj Enterprises 01
19.    2020-21 Bajaj Carpet Industries Ltd. 01
20.    Buzz works Pvt. Ltd 01
21.    Parner Taluka Sainik Sahakari Bank Ltd. 01
22.    LIC 01
23.    Team Lease 01
24.    Vedant Computer 01
25.    Parner Nagar Panchayart, Parner 01
26.    SBI Customer Service Point 01
27.    Central Reserve Police Force 01
28.    2021-22 Piramal Finance Sales & Service 01
29.    Abhyudaya Co-op Bank Ltd. 01
30.    HDFC Life / SBI Customer service Point  Matoshri Computers 01
31.    Raje Shivaji Co-op. Society Parner 01
32.    Team Lease 01
33.    Aditya Birla 01
34.    HR Brooke India 01
Sr. No. Name of Author Title of research article Name of Journal Year of Publication with volume , page number Link/DoI
1.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere Public, Private Partnership- An Innovation in Agricultural Development Financial Inclusion: Concept, Experience and Innovations 2012 -
2.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere Challenges to Co-operative Movement in Globalization Role of Co-opration in Economic Development 2012 -
3.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere Income Tax Saving Method Income Tax and Financial Planning 2012 -
4.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere Need of Foreign Direct Investment in Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation International Journal of Management and Economics 2013 -
5.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere Life line of Maharashtra- Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal 2013 -
6.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere Inflation: A Challenge Before Indian Economy Inflation: A Challenge Before Indian Economy 2013 -
7.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere Role of Mutual Fund in Investment International Research Journal of Commerce, Business and Social Science 2013 -
8.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere Role of Maharashtra State in Foreign Direct Investment in India International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research 2015 -
9.       Dr. Y. M. Waghere A Critical Study of Human Rights Violation in India Speil Darpan, An International Research Journal Peer Reviewed 2016 -
10.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere Cloud Computing in Banking Sector Recent Trends in Cloud Computing 2016 -
11.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere Inflation and Role of RBI in Next 5 Years Inflationary Pressure on Indian Economy 2016 -
12.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere Gramin Vikasat Shetichi Bhumika National Journal on Challenges Before Rural Development in India 2017 -
13.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere Study of Institutional Financial Sources to Entrepreneurs Research Jouraney 2019  
14.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere A study of Relationship between the Bank and its Depositor Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal 2019  
15.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere A Scope of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation in Ahmednagar District An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Paper 2021    
16.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere Road Transport: Priority of Indian Transport An International Multidisciplinary Haft Yearly Research Paper 2021  
17.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere A Comparative Study of Online Shopping in India Modern Thamizh Research: An International Multi- Lateral Thamizh Journal 2021  
18.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere Gramin Bank: Experience of Bangladesh International Journal of Management and Economics 2012
19.    Dr. Y. M. Waghere Recent Trends in Marketing Management Advances in Business Management, Engineering, Technology and Social Sciences Vol- 1, 72 2013
20.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Challenges before Co-operative Sector Co-operative Governance: New Issues and Challenges Before Co-operative Institutions 2013
21.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Inflation: A Challenge before Indian Economy Inflation: A Challenge before Indian Economy 2013
22.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Inflation Effects and Results Inflation: A Challenge before Indian Economy 2014
23.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian Economy Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian Economy 2014
24.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Challenge of Global Warming Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development 2014
25.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Role of Education Leader in Environmental Education Global Environment: Issues Challenges and Solutions 2016
26.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Marketing Trends in Recent Environment Research Journal, Peer Reviewed Vo-III, 2016
27.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Challenges before Rural Development Challenges before Rural Development 2017
28.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare Impact of Goods and Service Tax on Indian Economy Recent Trends in Taxation 2017
29.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare E-Learning Emerging Trends in IT and E-Learning 2017
30.    Mr. S.  R. Pathare FDI in Indian Defense Sector Impact of FDI on Indian Economy 26 & 27 Sept 2014
31.    Dr.  B. D. Bhalerao FDI in Indian Insurance Sector Impact of FDI on Indian Economy 26 & 27 Sept 2014
32.    Dr.  B. D. Bhalerao Opportunity potential in the Service Sector around Spiritual Centers Recent Trends in Commerce and Economic Development 2 March 2016
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34.    Dr.  B. D. Bhalerao Environmental Issues in & Around the Spiritual Centers Global Environment – Issues, Challenges & Solutions 23 Sept. 2016
35.    Dr.  B. D. Bhalerao Role of Spiritual Centers in the Development of Rural Economy Challenges Before Rural Development in India 13 & 14 Jan. 2017
36.    Dr.  B. D. Bhalerao Impact of GST on Indian Economy Recent Trends in Taxation 1 & 2 Feb. 2017
37.    Dr.  B. D. Bhalerao Sansthans: A Hand in Hand walk with Spirituality & Modern Management Practice Recent Trends in Commerce & Management 17 & 18 Feb. 2017              
38.    Dr.  B. D. Bhalerao Challenges Before the Skill Development in India Challenges Before Indian Economy 16 & 17 Jan. 2020
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40.    Dr.  B. D. Bhalerao A Study of Competitive Wine Tourism Destination in Maharashtra State Indian Journal of Current Trends in Management Sciences Aug. 2021
41.    Mr.  T. A. Galbote Recent Trends in E Commerce Two Days National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Commerce, Management and Economics” 2020
42.    Mr.  T. A. Galbote Impact of GST on Indian Economy   Two Days National Seminar on “Challenges before Indian Economy” 2020
43.    Mrs. A.  A. Gaike Myth in the Ted Hughes’s Gog Literary endeavor 2015
44.    Mrs. A.  A. Gaike National seminar on “Recent Trends in Commerce& Management” E- Banking 2019
 Patents: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Publications: 04
Title Number Published on IPR
1.     Service Model around the Spiritual Centre (SMS) L- 113238/2022 22/03/2022 Copy Right
2.     Expectancy Model at the Spiritual Centre L-113239/2022 22/03/2022 Copy Right
3.     Integrated Mechanism to Implement & Monitor Service Model Around the Sansthan 202221035399 05/08/2022 Patent
4.     Mechanism to Monitor Expectations of an Individual as per Expectancy Theory Arising From Spirituality 202221035400 05/08/2022 Patent
Sr. No. Title of Activity Date
1 Workshop on “Online Share Trading” 23rd Sept. 2017
2 Workshop on  ‘Tax Collection Awareness’ 27th Dec. 2017
3 Workshop of ‘ Investment Awareness’ 27th Dec.  2018
4 Workshop on ‘Career Opportunities in Commerce’ 16th Jan 2019
5 National Seminar on ‘Challenges Before Indian Economy’ 16th and 17th Jan 2020
6 Workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship Development ’ 21st Aug. 2019
7 National Webinar on ‘Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy’ 5th Aug. 2020
8 Workshop on “Opportunities in Commerce & Economics” 21st Jan 2021
9 Workshop on Investment Opportunities in Pandemic situation 13th July 2021
10 Online workshop on ‘Financial Literacy Programme’ 10th to 14th Jan 2022
11 Online workshop on ‘Investment Awarness in Share Market & Mutual Funds’ 28th Jan 2022
12 Online workshop on ‘Financial Literacy Programme’ 1st to 5th Feb. 2022
Sr. No. Name of Alumni Current Place & Designation
1.       Bhagyesh Ravindra Patwa Chartered Accountant, Prakash Mehta, & Co. Pune
2.       Navnath Ananda Rasal PSI, Maharashtra Police
3.       Ranjit Arun Shinde Assistant Professor, NACS College, Parner
4.       Pooja Bahiru Pagire Anti-Corruption Bureau Pune
5.       Dhananjay Nansaheb Erkar Indian Navy
6.       Nilam Sahebrao Chattar CRPF,
7.       Suhma Dattatray Bhamare Asstt. Manager, Axis Bank Ltd, Pune
8.       Vikas Nana Gund AAS Manager, HDFC Bank Ltd
9.       Pratiksha Popat Pawar SBI, Shirur
10.    Jayshree Pandurang Gaikwad Gram Vikas Officer
11.    Ajay Vaman Shinde Accountant Shifco IT Pvt Ltd.
12.    Aniket Subhash Gund Tax Consultant, Tax Professionals Supa
13.    Puja Ananda Thube SDM, HDFC Life, Shirur
14.    Rupali Dattatray Hande HDB Financial Ltd, Mumbai
15.    Vibhavari Ananda Bhaosale Insurance Consultant, Apollo Nunich Health Insurance
16.    Dipak Balasaheb Gadage AGM, Mahindra Finance Ltd. Pune
17.    Krushna Namdeo Hendre Project Finance Officer, HR Broke India Ltd.
18.    Tushar Balasaheb Gayke Rudraksha Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, Pune
19.    Kiran Vasant Kadam Proprietor K V Kadam and Co.
20.    Dipak Tulshiram Kale Manager, Mersk Mult. Co. Ltd., Pune
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