Department of Library

Library is established in 1978. It provides physical and digital access to the collection of books, references, research articles, and periodicals/magazines. A library collection includes printed materials and other physical resources in different formats and also the digital databases. The main aim of the library is to quench thirst for knowledge and motivate to the student for increasing their reading habits. Library, A Knowledge Resource Center is equipped with 50801+ books and periodicals as well as 31,35,000+ e-books and 6500+ e-journals made available with the help of INFLIBNET as well as DELNET & NDL services. Library has provided open access to newspapers and periodicals to all stakeholders. Library is fully automated and User Tracking System is institutionalized in library that helps for the easy access of text books, references, periodicals as well as journals to all the stakeholders. The complete functioning of the library including reading halls is monitored under CCTV surveillance. Library is connected with the village libraries of the nearby villages belonging to Parner Tehsil and offers the books issuing services as per the procedure mentioned in collaboration.

Sr. No. Name Designation Duties And Responsibility
1. Dr. R. K. Aher Principal Chairman,   To control library work and give valuable suggestion
2. Dr. D. R. Thube Vice - Principal & IQAC Co-ordinator Guidance and Planning
3. Dr. B. B. Shelke Secretary Planning, Organization, Direction, Coordination, Reporting, Budgeting, Ordering of  Books as per demands, To maintain  various registers, Updateding recent trends of Library, providing library services to students.
4. H.O.D. of all Department H.O.D. Demands of books as per departmental requirement, To Know provisional of funds and its utilizations
5. Shri. S. B.  Kakade Office Superintendent Administrative
6. Sayali Sonawane Student Representative To consider Student Demand as per their reading habits and to know fulfill it.
  • Total Books    :  50801
  • User and Books ratio is :   1:20
  • Titles :  16933
  • Reference books : 21844
  • Text books : 28957
  • Periodicals : 65
  • E-books : 3135000+
  • E-journals : 6000+
  • Cd/VCDs : 593
  • Bound Volume of Journals : 3642
  • Database : 1237+
  • News Papers : 16
  • Area : 8995.79 sq. ft.
  • Users : 3856
Teaching Staff:          Assistant Professor: 01                   Ph.D.: 01                                   
Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Photo Bio data
1. Dr. B. B. Shelke M. Com., DTL, DLL&LW M. Phil., M. Lib., M.Phil., Ph.D. Librarian View
Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Photo
1.     Shri. N. B. Thange B. A. Lib. Clerk
2.     Shri. T.C. Buge B.Com. Lib. Attendant
3.     J. U. Patke M.Com. M. Lib Computer Operator
4.     P. S. Gajare M.A., M. Lib. Computer Operator
5.     S. A. Sonawane M.Sc. (Computer Science) Data Operator
Books, Papers Published in National/International Conference/Workshop proceedings:14
Title of the book/chapters  published Title of the paper Title of the proceedings of the conference Name of the conference National / International Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number of the proceeding Affiliating Institute at the time of publication Name of the publisher
1. Impact of the library & information services in changing era Information Literacy In College Library Impact of the library & information services   UGC sponsored national level National 2011 - North University H.R.Patel Arts mahila college shirpur Dist-Dhule
2. Impact of information technology on college library Enhancement Of Academic Library Services With IT Application Impact of information technology on college library UGC sponsored national level National 2011 - North University S.S.Patil College Jalgaon
3. Latest Manage-ment Skills In Library & Information Science Knowledge Management In Academic Libraries Latest Management Skills In Library & Information Science LMSLI 2011 National 2011 -- Pune University New Arts College Parner
4. RGYR-2 Information needs of student RGYR UGC sponsored national level National 2012 -          University of Pune New Arts Commerce And Science College
5. Itihas Punarlekhan Itihas Punarlekhan Mahiti tantragyanachi bhimika Itihas Punarlekhan Itihas Punarlekhan National 2012 -          University of Pune New Arts Commerce And Science College
6. Research libraries : Need of the time Use of E- Resources to Research library and Researchers Research libraries : Need of the time Research libraries : Need of the time National 2012 -          BAMU Deogiri Colleg, Aurangabad
7. Emerging trends in academic Library Modern management technique for academic libraries Emerging trends in academic Library Emerging trends in academic Library National 2013 -          c Late Karmveer Dr.P.R Ghogrey Science College, Dhule
8. Modern Trends In Academic Libraries Information Consolidation Repackagining Nsmtal-2013 Modern Trends In Academic Libraries National 2013 -          Pune University Malpani College sangamner
9. NCSLS-2018  Impact of IT In Teaching Learning NCSLS-2018 NCSLS-2018  National 2018 -          BAMU Aurangabad Sant Savatamali College Phulambari
10.             Use of 11.             ICT in modern Libraries Use of ICT in modern Libraries Development of reading culture and changing role of libraries DRCCRL 2018 National 2018 -          - Baburavji Gholap College Pune
12.             Role of Library Science in Environment Role of Library Science in Environment TCRTLS-2017 TCRTLS-2017 International 2017 -          -- New Arts College Parner
13.             Research Methodology In Library Science Strategies Of E-Marketing Library Information Products And Services Anandibai Raorane Arts College Vaibhavwadi 27 may 2021 International 2021 -          Mumbai University Anandibai Raorane Arts College
14.             MUCLA Information is a Value Added Services MUCLA 2020 National 2020 -          BAMU Aurangabad BAMU Aurangabad
15.             RMLSSSC-2021 Re-Engineering In Library Services RMLSSSC-2021 Online International Multidisciplinary Conference International 2021 -          - New Arts College Parner
  1. Journal Publications: 08
Title of paper Name of the author/s Name of journal Year of publication ISSN number Link to the recognition in UGC enlistment of the Journal /Digital Object Identifier (doi) number
Link to website of the Journal Link to article/paper/abstract of the article Is it listed in UGC Care list
1.      Use of E-Resources       Dr.B.B.Shelke Indian Streams Research journal Jan.2013 2230-7850 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qoUcf9SXIHo921qZcG-2BH6qxzMTo1JR/view?usp=share_link No
2.      Case Study: Information  Needs Commerce 3.      Students Dr.B.B.Shelke Platinum Oct-Dec,2012 2231-0096 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_gClrPuLp4gs719xVEtCg_VbQyf6GZj-/view?usp=share_link Peer Reviewed
4.      Role of Library and Library Professionals In the Changing Environment Dr.B.B.Shelke Sanshodhan Samiksha Jan.2017 2278-9308 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HxX4GNYysC4b7WDAZ11oKRS6TJ8Qv_SC/view?usp=share_link Yes
5.      Role of Library Science in Environment Dr.B.B.Shelke Flora and Fauna Vol-23(I) 2017 0971-6920 -- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VGML2uOliF4Moo_9YwGdsjyco4IbhACv/view?usp=share_link Yes
6.      Application of ICT in Academic Libraries Dr.B.B.Shelke Research Journey I/F FEB. 2018 2348-7143 -- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K0iTxVyM_NeBs6KAbcen4gk53O0Kpsmh/view?usp=share_link Yes
7.      Use of ICT in the Modern Libraries Dr.B.B.Shelke IJMMS Jan. 2018 2394-207X -- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MsVKR1g9EVqV3NPQymb29qDpQOBqkIs0/view?usp=sharing Yes
8.      Re-Engineering In Library Services Dr.B.B.Shelke Research Journey  May 2021 2348-7143 -- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GqxT98n_YzCUPjjftxGwTwN9V10BnHa_/view?usp=sharing Yes
9.      A Study Of Information Needs of computer Science Students In New Arts, Commerce & Science College, Parner Dr.B.B.Shelke Modern Thamizh Research Journal  July- Supt 2021 2321-984X -- https://drive.google.com/file/d/13KQN5xXs6r6pyTi-ZVEgqPZvocTi6jDf/view?usp=sharing Yes
10.   New Trends In Academic Libraries Dr.B.B.Shelke Wesleyan Journal Of Research 2021 0975-1380 -- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rfkSeo4vcQRACEkoS9YFEbsvWHB_6tMK/view Yes
Sr. No. Title of Activity Date
1.     Vachan Prerarna Din 15 Oct. 2017
2.     Dr. S. R. Rangnathan Jaynti 12 Aug. 2018
3.     Vachan Prerarna Din 15 Oct. 2018
4.     Dr. S. R. Rangnathan Jaynti 12 Aug. 2019
5.     Vachu Anande 15 Oct. 2019
6.     Vachan Prerarna Din 15 Oct. 2020
7.     Dr. S. R. Rangnathan Jaynti 12 Aug. 2020
8.     Vachan Katta (Library corner) 12 Aug.2021
9.     Vachan Prerarna Din 15 Oct. 2021
10.  National Education Policy 8 Feb. 2021
11.  DELNET Webinar 6 Apr. 2021
12.  Researches Publication Ethics & Plagiarism 30 Jul. 2021
13.  Divyanga Vishesh Karyshala 14 Mar. 2022
14.  User Orientation Program Every Year
15.  BRAIN Activity ( Book Reading  And Information Network) Every Year
16.  Book Exhibition Every Year
  1. 9500 sq. ft. Area
  2. Separate Building
  3. SOUL Software for library computerization and e-media software for smart card
  4. Full Battery backup
  5. OPAC/Web OPAC      OPAC Link -   Web OPAC Link-
  6. Separate Reading Room for Staff, Girls & Boys
  7. Reference Books & Encyclopedia
  8. CCTV for Library security
  9. Healthy Co-operation to User
  10. Carrier Guidance
  11. Inflibnet-N-list Program User ID= nascparlib@gmail.com
  12. User Tracking Software
  13. Kindle
  14. Eco Alexa
  15. Brail software
  16. Database
  17. e-library with 23 computers for e-resources
  18. Open Access
  1.  DELNET
  3. NDL (National Digital Library)
  4. Library makes MOU with Jaykar Library (SPPU),
  5. MKCL, C-DAC, Ahmednagar
  6. Dr. Parnerkar Maharaj Smruti Sarvjanik Granthalay, Parner
  1. Proceedings of Conference of various Departments
  2. Books written by faculty
  3. College “Chetana” Magazine and “Yuva Chetana”
  1. Lending of Books
  2. Reference services
  3. Inter- Library Linkages
  4. Book Bank
  5. Open Access
  6. Question Paper Sets
  7. Newspaper Clippings
  8. Photocopy, Printing
  9. Newspaper Section
  10. SMS/ E-mail Service
  11. Career Guidance
  12. Internet Facilities
  13. Wi-Fi Facilities
  14. Audio - Video Aids
  15. Scholar cards
  16. Reading Room Facilities
  17. Reading Space, vachan katta
  18. Periodical Section
  19. New Arrival Section
  20. ‘PAVA’ Yojana
  21. Mobile Library
  22. BRAIN Activity
Sr.No Particulars Link
1. N-LIST https://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in/
2. e-PG pathshala https://epgp.inflibnet.ac.in/
3. PDF Drive for Books https://www.pdfdrive.com/
4. National National Digital Library https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/
5. Science Direct Open Access https://www.sciencedirect.com/book/9781843342038/open-access
6. Directory of Open Access Books https://www.doabooks.org/
7. Directory of Open Access Journals https://doaj.org/
8. SWAYAMPRABHA https://www.swayamprabha.gov.in
9. Vidwan https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/
10. Springer Open Journals https://www.springeropen.com/journals
11. Taylor & Francis Open Access https://www.tandfonline.com/openaccess
12. Open Access Thesis & Dissertations https://oatd.org/
13. Project Gutenberg https://dev.gutenberg.org/
14. Wiley Open Access https://authorservices.wiley.com/open-research/open-access/browse-journals.html
15. Shodhganga- a reservoir of Indian theses https://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/
16. Shodhgangotri https://shodhgangotri.inflibnet.ac.in/
17. NISCAIR http://www.niscair.res.in/
18. Open Access Library https://www.oalib.com/
19. Census of India https://censusindia.gov.in/
20. Rare Book Room http://www.rarebookroom.org/
21. E Sahitya http://www.esahity.com/
22. Marathi Vishwakosh https://vishwakosh.marathi.gov.in/
23. Vidyamitra https://content.inflibnet.ac.in/
24. Web OPAC

College Library Details

Facilities for Divyangjan

HEI has provided following facilities for the persons with disabilities (Divyangjan).

  1. Built environment with ramps/lifts for easy access to classrooms: HEI has developed an infrastructure with raps and lifts to provide barrier free and inclusive environment the persons with disabilities (Divyangjan). The classes of students with disabilities (Divyangjan) are conducted on the ground floor only. The lift facility is also made reserved for them.
  2. Disabled-friendly washrooms: These are available in college premises.
  3. Signage including tactile path, lights, display boards and signposts: The signage boards are placed at prominent places for assistance to person with disabilities (Divyangjan). HEI has constructed the pedestrian friendly pathways and roads by laying the pavers blocks in college premises.
  4. Assistive technology and facilities for persons with disabilities (Divyangjan): The NVDA Software is also installed to assist the Divyangjan with impaired vision for operating the computer. Magazine “Prakshwata” is subscribed in Knowledge Resource Centre (Central Library) for Divyangjan with impaired vision. The Brail software is also available for Divyangjan.
  5. Human assistance, soft copies of reading material, screen reading: The human assistance is also provided to the persons with disabilities (Divyangjan) as per the requirement in the campus. The health centre is equipped with wheel chair, crunches, walker, etc. The central library is equipped with Echo Dot, a voice-controlled Smart Speaker with Alexa.
  6. Reader and Scribe: The scribe facility is also available to the person with disabilities at time of examination as per the need.
  7. Common Room/Restroom: This has made available to available for Divyangjan.

Activities Conducted:

  1. World Day of Persons with Disabilities (03 December) was celebrated with distribution of books to
  2. Workshop on “Divyang and Special Person” organized in association with BSD, SPPU, Pune on 14 March, 2022. 26 Divyangjan have participated in this workshop. After the publication of “Prakshwata”, a BRAIL magazine, Mr. Ajit Kulkarni Sir, Founder of ANAMPREM, Ahmednagar, guided the participants about the various schemes of Government and opportunities available. Shri. Amar Malekar, PBMA, Pune guided for various screen reader software and how to work with MS Office and Excel?

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