National Cadet Corps (NCC)

National Cadet Corps (NCC) unit in the college was started in 1979 and is affiliated to 17 Mah Bn Ahmednagar. The strength of unit is 53 including 13 girls.


  1. To develop qualities of characters, comradeship-discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship, and the ideals of selfless service among the youth.
  2. To create a pool of organized, trained and motivated youth with leadership qualities in all walks of life, who will serve the Nation regardless of which career they choose.
  3. To provide an environment conducive to motivating young Indians to join the armed forces.

Motto of NCC

The Central Advisory Committee (CAC) decided and selected “Unity and Discipline” as motto for the NCC in the 12th meeting held on 12 Oct 1980.

NCC Pledge

We the cadets of the national cadet corps, do solemnly pledge that we shall always uphold the unity of India. We resolve to be disciplined and responsible citizen of our nation. We shall undertake positive community service in the spirit of selflessness and concern for our fellow beings.

NCC Flag

In 1954 the existing tricolour flag was introduced. The three colours in the flag depict the three services of the Corps, red for the Army, deep blue for the Navy and light blue for the Air Force. The letters NCC and the NCC crest in gold in the middle of the flag encircled by a wreath of lotus, give the flag a colourful look and a distinct identity.

NCC Song:

Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain, Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain
Apni Manzil Ek Hai,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ek Hai,
Ho, Ho, Ho, Ek Hai.
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain.

Kashmir Ki Dharti Rani Hai,
Sartaj Himalaya Hai,
Saadiyon Se Humne Isko Apne Khoon Se Pala Hai
Desh Ki Raksha Ki Khatir Hum Shamshir Utha Lenge,
Hum Shamshir Utha Lenge.

Bikhre Bikhre Taare Hain Hum Lekin Jhilmil Ek Hai,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ek Hai
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hai.
Mandir Gurudwaare Bhi Hain Yahan
Aur Masjid Bhi Hai Yahan
Girija Ka Hai Ghariyaal Kahin
Mullah ki Kahin Hai Ajaan

Ek Hee Apna Ram Hain, Ek hi Allah Taala Hai,
Ek Hee Allah Taala Hain, Raang Birange Deepak Hain Hum,
lekin Jagmag Ek Hai, Ha Ha Ha Ek Hai, Ho Ho Ho Ek Hai.
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain, Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain.


Lt. Bharat Dagale

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Unit: New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Parner 414302

Mobile: 9168588281


Cadet Enrolment Details:

Academic Year SD

(Male Cadets)


(Female Cadets)

2017-18 43 10 53
2018-19 42 11 53
2019-20 40 13 53
2020-21 41 12 53
2021-22 38 15 53
2022-23 40 13 53

Activities of NCC:

  1. Institutional Training
  2. Camp Training
  3. Annual Republic Day Camp
  4. Attachment Training
  5. Social Service and Community Development
  6. Adventure Based Training
  7. Sports
  8. Certification

 Spectrum of Activities Conducted by NCC unit:

  1. Celebration of International Yoga Day, NCC Day, Voters Day, Constitution Day, etc.
  2. Disaster Management Workshop.
  3. Tree plantation and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
  4. Blood Donation and Pulse Polio Campaign.
  5. Cleanliness Drive and Waste management.
  6. Rallies for Cleanliness, Save fuel, Open defecation free Campaign, etc.
  7. Celebration of Kargil Divas, Police Raising Day and Armed Forces Flag Day.
  8. Trekking and Adventures Camps
  9. Fund Raising for Social Cause.

 Prominent Alumni:

Academic Year Name of cadet Organization
2017-18 Mhaske Shital CISF
2018-19 Thube Harshada Maharashtra Police
2019-20 Kshirsagar Kiran

Jadhav Akshay

Kaware Rushikesh

Indian Army
2020-21 Jagtap Sulochana

Pawar Manisha



2021-22 Chattar Ajay Santosh

Shelake Anil

Indian Army
Sondkar Kaveri

Bhaskar kaware

ITB Police




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