Department of Botany

Department of Botany established in 1992. It offers UG, PG and research programmes. Department is largely involved in creation and maintenance of green campus at HEI. Department is conducting a Certificate Course on Nursery Management with the support of UGC, New Delhi in order to inculcate the entrepreneurship development skills. Apart from this it is involved in co-curricular and extension activities. Cactus Garden containing more than 180 species is one of the best practices.

Name of Programme Eligibility Intake Capacity Duration
B. Sc. Botany HSC 120 3 Years
M. Sc. Botany B. Sc. Botany and Biotechnology. 24 2 Years
Ph. D. M. Phil or M. Sc. Botany with PET/SET/NET 26 3 Years
Certificate course in Nursery Management & Horticultural Practices 12th Pass from any faculty 30 06 Months
Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Specialization Photo Biodata
1.     1 Dr. R. K. Aher M.Sc., Ph. D. Principal Mycology and Plant Pathology  
2.     2 Dr. R. N. Deshmukh M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D. Professor & Head Mycology and Plant Pathology  
3.     3 Dr. S. K. Aher M.Sc., Ph. D. Professor Mycology and Plant Pathology  
4.     Dr. S. L. Khapke M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D. Asso. Prof. Physiology  
5.     R. M. Shaikh M. Sc., SET Asst. Prof. Mycology and Plant Pathology  
6.     B. A. Chaudhari M. Sc. Asst. Prof. Plant Biotechnology  
7.     T. S. Chikane M. Sc., B. Ed. Asst. Prof. Taxonomy of Angiosperms  
8.     R. A. Shaikh M. Sc. Asst. Prof. Botany  
9.     G. K. Mujawar M. Sc. Asst. Prof. Biotechnology  
10.  V. A.  Lashkare M. Sc. NET Asst. Prof. Botany  
11.  S. R. Khamkar M. Sc. Asst. Prof. Botany  
Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Photo
1.       B. P. Ighe M.A., M.P. Ed. CTC. Lab Assistant
2.       S. M. Barde 12th Sci. Lab Attendant
3.       S. S. Borude 12th Sci. Lab Attendant
Year Programme Name Percentage Result
2017-18 B. Sc. Botany 96.66
2018-19 B. Sc. Botany 93.75
M .Sc. Botany 94.44
2019-20 B. Sc. Botany 100
M .Sc. Botany 100
2020-21 B. Sc. Botany 100
M .Sc. Botany 91.66
2021-22 B. Sc. Botany 95.83
M .Sc. Botany 100
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Class and Year University Rank
1.       Miss Sawant Kalpana Shivaji B. Sc.- 2009 1st
2.       Miss. Gadekar Apeksha Ramchandra B. Sc.- 2015 9th
3.       Miss Garkar Gitanjali Ananda B. Sc.- 2016 5th
4.       Miss Bhalekar Shubhangi Dadabhau B. Sc. -2020 4th
Sr. No. Academic Year Name of Organization/Industry Number of Students placed
1.       2017-18 Lupin Ltd. 01
2.       2018-19 Kanhaiyya Agro, Parner 01
3.       2019-20 Abhyudaya Bank, Mumbai 01
4.       2020-21 Mullikadevi Mahavidyalya Nighoj 04
Residential High School and Junior College Shevgaon
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
Forest Range Officer, Parner
5.       2021-22 Van Prakalpe Vibhag, Yavatmal 13
Balaji Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Shirur.
Swami Vivekanand Academy, Uruli Kanchan, Pune.
Chate Kids School, Parner.
Sagarika Coaching Classes
Shatatara Public School, Parner.
New English School, Science and Arts Junior College, Supa
  1. SPPU, Pune recognized Research Guides:
  • Aher R.K. 2) Dr. Deshmukh R. N. 3) Dr. Aher S. K.
  1. D. Registered: 11 Thesis Submitted; 01             Awarded:02 
Sr. No. Name of Student Guide Name Topic Status
1.       Sajan Laxman Khapkae Dr. R. K. Aher Effect of AM Fungi on growth, physiological and biochemical aspects in Triticum aestivum Linn. under water stress condition Awarded, 2016
2.       Jayashri B. Cholake Dr. R. K. Aher Studies on Marine Fungal Diversity from Mangrove Ecosystem Awarded, 2018
3.       Pushpa Baban  Ghogare Dr. R. K. Aher    
4.       Kalpana Shivaji Sawant Dr. R. N. Deshmukh   Physiological and Biochemical Responses to         Drought Stress in Wheat Cultivars Working
5.       Sharda Jayshing Thorat Dr. V. B. Naikwadi Dr. R. K. Aher “Studies on production of medicinally important metabolites in in-vitro cultures of Spilanthus acmella Murr and Spilanthus calva DC.” Working
6.       Sandip Dattu Devekar Guide: Dr. V. B. Naikwadi Co- Guide: Dr. R. K. Aher. Co-Guide: Dr. T. D. Nikam “Influence of mycorrhizal fungi on production of bioactive metabolites in Boswellia serrata Roxb.” Thesis Submitted
7.       Ramesh Prabhu Zaware Dr. R. K. Aher.   “Induction of genetic variability through induced mutations of Pisum sativum. Working
8.       Dattatray Ashok Bandal Guide: Dr. R. N. Deshmukh Co- Guide: Dr. R. L. Zanan “Molecular Phylogeny of Carnivorous Plant Family Lentibulariaceae from India.” Working
9.       Rani Malang Shaikh Dr. R. K. Aher.   Topic “Studies on fungal diseases of Allium cepa L. and their management in Parner Tahsil.” Working
10.    Harshad Ashok Shirke Dr. S. K. Aher Co- Guide: Dr. T. D. Nikam Co- Guide: Dr. V. B. Naikawadi   “Identification and functional characterization of candidate gene(s) of beneficial metabolite, 20-hydroxyecdysteroid an insect moulting hormone in Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.).” Transferred to SPPU, Pune
11.    Pushpa Baban Ghogare, Dr. R. K. Aher. “Studies of Pharmacological activities on Caralluma adscendens (Roxb) Haw var. fimbriata (Wall.) Gravely & Mayur.” Working
12.    Anuradha Anand Kamble Dr. Aher Rangnath Kisan Co-Guide : Dr. N. M. Ghangaonkar “Role of Mycoendophytes in Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals using Portulaca oleracea L.” Working
13.    Sharmila Balasaheb Sonawane Prof.  R. N. Deshmukh “Studies on Nutritional Values of Wild Vegetables from Parner Tahasil of Ahmednagar District (M.S.).” Working
14.    Swati Rajesh Yeole Dr. Aher Sahadeo Kondaji Co-Guide : Dr. Rangnath K. Aher "Screening of Different Plant Species for Weedicidal Properties and its Comparison with Chemical Weedicides” Working
Sr. No. Name of Author Title of research article Name of Journal Year of Publication with volume , page number Link/DoI
1.      R P Zaware, R  K Aher and B P Bhusare. Effect of gamma irradiation on seed germination, seedling growth and morphological characteristics of Pisum sativum L. Wesleyan Journal of Research, 2022, 15 (01), 51-56. UGC Care Listed
2.      Deshmukh Vaishnavi, Meshram M P &  Deshmukh R N Performance of Soybean Mutants for Yield and Yield Components Journal of Soils and Crops 2021, 31 (01) 127-130,
3.      Kadlag, S. D, Varpe S.N, Gadakh V.D & Deshmukh R.N Tagetes patula linn. a fungicidal, ornamental species of asteraceae family. Wesleyan Jr of research 2021, 14 (25) 66-71,
4.      Sawant K. S. & R. N. Deshmukh Recent Studies on Physiological Traits to Improve Drought Tolerance in Wheat. Wesleyan Jr of research 2021, 14 (25) 78-84
5.      Ravindra Deshmukh, Tukaram Thopate, Kalpana Sawant, Anil Bhalerao & Kadlag, S. D Impact of PEG-6000 Induced Water Stress on Seed Germination Parameters of Wheat Cultivars. Wesleyan Jr of research 2021, 14 (26) 89-98,
6.      T. S. Thopate, C. D. Bhenki, R. N. Deshmukh & S. B. Katariya Boron Sulfonic Acid-Catalyzed an Efficient Synthesis and Antibacterial Study of N-Substituted Phenyl Maleimides. Wesleyan Jr of research 2021, 14 (26) 99-106,
7.      Sajan Khapke and Rangnath Aher Morphological Responses of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to Mycorrhiza and Water Stress conditions at anthesis stage. Wesleyan Jr. of Res.   2021, 14 (27), 37-46
8.      Rangnath Aher and Sajan Khapke Biochemical Alteration in Healthy and Affected Leaves of Sorghum due to Sphacelotheca aeiliana. Wesleyan Jr. of Res. 2021, 14 (26), 17-21
9.      Rani Shaikh, Rangnath Aher and Dnyaneshwar Sherkar Screening of mycoflora on allium cepa l. From different localities ofParner tehsil maharashtra. Wesleyan Journal of Research 2021, 14 (26), 73-77
10.    Kulkarni S.D., Dhawale V.P., Aher S.K. and Zadage S.J Effects of Spent Wash On The Physico-Chemical Properties Of Soil And Early Seedling Growth In Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum)  Wesleyan Journal of Research 2021, 14 (11), 22-29
11.   Aher S.K. and V.P. Dhawale Investigation of Biocomponents Over Groundnut Crop Fields at Ahmednagar  Journal of Modern Thamizh Research 2021, 4, 2077-1082
12.   S L Khapke and R. K. Aher. Morphological response of wheat to mycorrhiza and water stress condition at anthesis stage. Wesleyan Jr. of research 2021, 14 (26), 37-42. UGC Care Listed
13.   Rani Shaikh and R. K. Aher. Screening of mycoflora on Allium cepa from different localities of Parner, Ahmednagar. Wesleyan Jr. of research 2021, 14 (26), 73-78. UGC Care  Listed
14.   R. K. Aher and S L Khapake. Biochemical alteration in healthy and affected leaves of Sorghum due to Sphacelotheca reiliana . Wesleyan Jr. of research  2021, 14 (26), 17-23. UGC Care Listed
15.   Deshmukh Vaishnavi ,Meshram M P, Mane Chaitali  & Deshmukh R N Character Association and Path Analysis Studies in Soybean Mutant Progenies Journal of Soils and Crops 30(02), 321-325,  2020  
16.   Gitanjali Kakade and Sajan Khapke Estimation and evaluation of chlorophyll content and chlorophyll stability index of some antiallergenic medicinal plants of Parner tehsil. . I J R B A T, 2020, III (VIII), 84-86
17.    Aher  S.K., Adsul A.A., Shelke P.D. and Lanke S.R. Phytodiversity Studies of Shri Mulikadevi Mahavidyalaya Nighoj, Dist. Ahmednagar (MS), India. Int J Recent Sci Res. 2020, 11 (4), 38254-38259
18.   R K Aher. Effect of Glomus fasciculatum on biochemical composition of Catharanthus roseus.  Jr. of Phy Scie, Engi. andTechno. 2020, 12 (2), 1-3. UGC Care Listed
19.   R K Aher. Mycorrhizal efficacy on chemical composition of the Tejetes erecta, L (Marigold). Inter Jr of Res in Biosci, Agri and Techno. 2020, VIII (2), 6-7. UGC Listed
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Sr No Name of Techer Books Published Chapters Published
1.       Dr. Aher R.K. 08 04
2.                 Dr. Deshmukh R. N. 04 01
3.                 Dr. Aher S. K. 12 --
4.                 Dr. Khapke S. L. 02 --
Sr. No. Name of The Teacher Name of Project Amount Sanctioned Name of the Funding Agency Status
1. Dr. Rangnath Aher Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza and its effect on the growth of bajra. 40,000/- UGC Completed
2. Dr. Ravindra Deshmukh Physiological studies in some promising sorghum cultivars under water stress 45,000/- UGC Completed
3. Dr. Rangnath Aher Analysis of rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soil and its correlation with VAM. 45,000/- UGC Completed
4. Dr. Sahadeo Aher Study of physicochemical and biological characteristics of samples from forest and agricultural sector 40,000/- UGC Completed
5. Dr. Rangnath Aher Screening of efficient strains of mycorrhizal fungi for improving the productivity of oil yielding crop 2,00,000/- BCUD, Univ. of Pune. Completed
6. Dr. Ravindra Deshmukh Molecular and biochemical characterization of some cultivars of Sorghum bicolor under water stress. 2,00,000/ BCUD, Univ. of Pune. Completed
7. Dr. Sajan Khapke Biochemical characterization of some important medicinal plants of Parner Tahsil. 2,00,000/- BCUD, Univ. of Pune. Completed
8. Dr. Rangnath Aher VAM association in growth & yield of Arachis hypogea 65000   UGC Completed
9. Dr. S K Aher Study of biodiversity of Parner tahasil 135000 UGC Completed
10. Dr. Rangnath Aher Mycorhizal association in medicinal plants of certain areas of Maharashtra 180000 UGC Completed
11. DR. R. N. Deshmukh Allelopathic Effect of Alternanthera sessilis (L) R. Br. Ex DC on Pisum sativum Linn. 80,000 UGC, Completed
12. Dr. R. K. Aher Studies on AMF association in medicinal plants 1,80,000 UGC,   Completed
13. Dr. R. K. Aher Studies on mycorrhizal fungal association in certain medicinal plants and its photochemical screenings 2,50,000/- BCUD, S.P. Pune University, Completed
14. T. S. Chikane eFlora of Parner Tehsil 18,000/- College Research Grant Scheme Completed
15. B. A. Chaudhari QR Coding of Plants in Parner College Campus 16000/- College Research Grant Scheme In progress
16. T. S. Chikane Production of Bio-plastic from Cryptolepis bucchanani. 20,000/- College Research Grant Scheme In progress
Sr. No. Title of Activity Date
1. 6th  International Conference on “ Recent Trends In Life Sciences” (ICRTLS-2017) 29th -30th December 2017
2. Workshop On “Mushroom Cultivation” 16th February 2019
3. Workshop on Flower Bouquet Training” 08th February 2020
4.  National Webinar on “Career Opportunities in Plant Sciences” 12th February 2021
5. Gulvel (Tinospora cordifolia ) Sapling Propagation & Distribution 5th  April 2021
6. One Day Online Workshop on “ S.Y.B.Sc Botany Revised Syllabus” 08th August  2020
7.  Alumni Meet” 19th  August 2021
8.  Workshop on “Research Methodology” 26th  April 2022
9. Alumni Meet” 08th October 2022
Sr. No. Name of Alumni Current Place & Designation Achievements
1. Dr Suhas Shinde Donald Danforth, Plant Science Center, 975, N Warson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63132, USA Research Scientist
2. Dr. Abhay Salve Government College, Aurangabad Professor
3. Mr. Rajendra Borude Mauli High tech  Nursery and Tissue culture, Pune Director
4. Mr. Harish Davbhat Goregaon, Parner. Modern Farmer
5. Mr. Ramdas Ghavate & Mr Sunil Lamkhade Green Shine    Biotech  Pvt Ltd and High tech Nursery and Tissue culture,            Jawala, Parner Director
6. Dr. Shilpa Shitole, S. M. Joshi, College, Pune Asst Prof.
7. Dr Vaishali J. Khilari PVP College, Pravaranagar Asst Prof.
8. Mr. Yogesh Lamkade. Thane –City, Mahabharata Asst. Police Inspector
9. Adv. Ajay J. Khilari Shivajinagar Court , Pune. Advocate
10. Mrs. Sangita M.Dhawale of Science Jategaon , Pune Asst. Teacher,
11. Mrs.  Archana A. Aglave Rangadas S.V.M. Ane, Pune Asst. Teacher,
12. Mr. Dattatrya Ashok Bandal Shivbhumi Jr. College,Khed-Shivapur(Pune) Asst. Teacher SET Qualified
13. Mr. Sachin  Karkande, S.S.P.M Day Scool & Jr.College kenedy road Pune Asst. Teacher
14. Ms. Sunanda B. Pawar Secondary highschool, Karandi Sec. Teacher
15. Mr. Dhanaji  V. Lamkhade ICICI Bank Pune Manager
16. Mr. Ramesh Lamkhade Axis Bank, Ahmednagar Manager
17. Mr. Sandeep Bhanudas Gagare Lupin Ltd Tarapur Manager-Fermentation
18. Ms. Kalpana Shivaji Sawant Prof.Ramkrishna More College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Akurdi Assistant Professor, Rank Holder, NET Qualified
19. Mr. Yogiraj Zaware Sr. Member- EHS OmniActive Health Technologies Ltd. Supa MIDC Sr. Member
20. Mr.  Bhagavat Gosavi Junior College Teacher, Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Mokhada, Palghar Asst. Teacher
21. Mr. Amol Babasaheb Khilari Nighoj,tal. Parner Asst. Teacher
22. Mr. Ravindra Pardhi Bandra, Mumbai. Asst. Teacher
23. Mr. Shriram Bhagat Business (Entrepreneur) Owner
24. Mr. Sandip Dinkar Agale Vidyadham jr. College of Science Shirur dist.Pune Asst. Teacher
25. Mr. Rahul Chandrakant Thange Samruddhi Agro & Services Owner
26. Ms. Gitanjali Rajendra Kakade Residential junior College, Shevgaon Asst. Teacher
27. Mr. Popat Rabhaji Walunj MCGM Junior Tree Officer
28. Mr. Shinde Vishwas Dnyandeo TATA Motors Pune Quality Control Officer
29. Mr. Nilesh Bhimaji Yewale Business Environmental Solutions
30. Mr. Somnath Shivaji Narsale Merchant  navy Ordinary Seaman
31. Mr. Satish Shinde TBM Bayer Crop Science Ltd. Sales Manager
32. Ms. Suvarna Shantaram Bhutare New English School and Junior College, Parner Asst. Teacher
33. Ms. Deepali Shelke New English School and Junior College, Parner Asst. Teacher
34. Mr. Ravindra N. Mandage Deejaay Minerals Pvt. Ltd, Chennai. Production Manager
35. Mr. Rushikesh P. Davakhar Indian post Postal Assistant  
36. Mr. Ramesh P. Zaware Shri Dhokeshwar Mahavidyalay, Takali Dhiokeshwar Asst. Professor
37. Mr. Tushar S. Chikane New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Parner. Asst. Professor
38. Ms. Rani F. Ranjane Mulanchi Shasakiy Niwasi Shala, Jamkhed Asst. Teacher
39. Ms. Sarika A. Dalavi Radhabai Kale Mahila Mahavidyalay, Ahmednagar Jr. College Teacher
40. Ms. Sharyu Manu Shatatara Public School, Parner Principal
41. Mr. Rutuj V. Parbat Insights Success Media & Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Pune Sales Manager
42. Mr. Babasaheb S. Thube Swami Vivekananda Academy, Uruli Kanchan, Pune Vice-Principal
  1. SPPU Recognized Research Centre
  2. Post Graduate Centre
  3. UGC Sanctioned Skill Based Certificate Course
  4. Departmental Library
  5. Tissue Culture Laboratory
  6. Mentoring Cell