Department of Chemistry

The department was established in 1992. The department offers under-graduate and post-graduate programs in Chemistry.

Courses Offered

B.Sc. 12th Standard Pass 3 Years 120
M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry) B.Sc.(Chemistry) 2 Years 24
M.Sc.(Analytical Chemistry) B.Sc.(Chemistry) 2 Years 24
Certificate Course on Training of Sophisticated Instruments Handling B.Sc.(Any) 3 Months
Certificate Course on Safety Awareness in Chemical Laboratory & Industry H.S.C./B.Sc.(Any) 3 Months




1 Dr. D.R. Thube Professor and H.O.D. M.Sc. Ph.D. NET,SET
2 Prof P.S. Mutkule Asso. Professor M.Sc. M.Ed. SET,GATE
3 Dr. T.S. Thopate Asso. Professor M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D,SET
4 Dr. S.M. Kale Asst. Professor M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D
5 Dr. R.S. Diggikar Asst. Professor M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Phil. Ph.D.
6 Prof A.J. Dhole Asst. Professor M.Sc. NET,SET,GATE
7 Prof S.D. Mhaske Asst. Professor M.Sc. NET,SET,GATE
8 Prof P.N. Daule Asst. Professor M.Sc. SET
9 Prof N.B. Chede Asst. Professor M.Sc. B.Ed,SET
10 Dr. P.G. Rohokale Asst. Professor M.Sc. Ph.D.
11 Dr. S.G. Kundlikar Asst. Professor M.Sc. NET,Ph.D.
12 Prof A. K. Thube Asst. Professor M.Sc.
13 Prof V.R. Magar
Asst. Professor M.Sc.
14 Prof P.B. Pujari
Asst. Professor M.Sc.
15 Prof K.S. Jadhav
Asst. Professor M.Sc.
16 Shri R.E. Shinde Lab Asst. H.S.C.
17 Shri M.D. Pathare Lab Attendant S.S.C.
18 Shri R.K. Tambe Lab Attendant S.S.C.
19 Shri J.A. Barde Lab Attendant H.S.C.
21 Shri S.D. Supekar Lab Attendant S.S.C.


Thrust Research Areas –

  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Material and Nano Science
Sr. No. Title of Conference / Events Level Date
1. Prof. M. S. Wadia Lecture Competition (MSWLC- 2012) State January 10-11th, 2012
2. Prof. M. S. Wadia Lecture Competition (MSWLC- 2013) State January 10th , 2013
3. Conference on “Impact of chemical research on environment” (ICRE-2016) International 17th & 18th February 2016
4. Workshop on “Chemical Education POGIL International 5th March 2016
5. Chemistry Fundamental –Science Exhibition College 26th February 2016
Sr. No. Name of Teacher Title of Projects Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned (Rs.) Status
1. Dr. D. R. Thube Ab-Initio, Density Functional and Experimental Studies on Structure and Vibrational Frequencies of The Quinone Based Ligands. UGC 50,000/- Completed (2002-2004)
2. Prof P.S. Mutkule To Study impact of Industrialization and sewage disposal on quality of ground water in Ahmednagar city UGC 35,000/- Completed (2005-2007)
3. Prof P.S. Mutkule Analysis of trends in basic Science education at UG level in Ahmedngar District SPPU 1,00,000/- Completed (2013-2015)
4. Dr. T. S. Thopate Synthesis and Biological evaluation of fluorescent Naphthalimide Derivatives UGC 4,50,000/- 2 years (2014-)
5. Dr. R. S. Diggikar Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline – metal oxide nanocomposites SPPU 1,50,000/- Completed(2006-2007)
6. Dr. R. S. Diggikar Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline – TiO2 nanocomposites SPPU 65,000/- Completed(2008-2009)
7. Dr. R. S. Diggikar Graphene based conducting polymer nanocomposites (Major Project) UGC 13,70,000/- Ongoing(2015-2018)
8. Dr. S. M. Kale Analysis of Milk and Milk Products of Parner Tehsil and Ahmednagar District UGC 45,000/- Completed(2005-2007)


Sr.No Activities
1. ICT- in chemical education
2. ACT- Concept Test for B.Sc. Student
3. Chemistry Exhibition
4. Career Counseling’s of Students
5. Projects for PG Students
6. CHEMIAD Examination for F. Y. B. Sc. Student
7. Diagnostic Test for F. Y. B.Sc. Student
8. Staff Orientation Workshop
9. Guest lecture organization
10. Soil and water testing center
11. Students Seminar
12. Lecture Competition
13. NET – SET Preparation Workshops
14. Certificate Course in soil and water testing
15. Medical Relief Funds and Disaster Funds
16. Endowment Prizes
17. Graduate Excellence Examination (GEE)
18. Placements – Campus Interviews
19. Recommendations for Higher Studies and Employments
20. Active participation of staff in college administration
21. Industrial visits
22. Research laboratory visit
23. Collaboration with industry for campus
24. Safety awareness in chemical laboratory workshop for Chemistry student
25. Parent- Teacher- Student Meet two times in year
26. Alumni Meet
27. Participation in National and Internaional Chemistry Olympiad Programmes

Prominent Alumni

Sr. No. Name of Alumni Ph. D. from Current Place & Designation
1. Dr. Arun  Jagdale NCL Pune Scientist, Lupin Pune 
2. Dr. Vilas  Phapale Madrid Univ., Spain  Humboldt PDF UK
3. Dr. Sandip  Pujari IIT Mumbai PDF, Swis, DM, PI Ind. RAJ
4. Dr. Vikas Padalkar ICT Mumbai Manager, NOCIL, Mumbai
5. Dr. Sandip Mulay IIT Mumbai PDF KAIST, S. Korea 
6. Dr. AbhinavTathe ICT Mumbai Hyderabad
7. Dr. Sandip Lanke ICT Mumbai PDF, ICT Mumbai 
8. Dr. SantoshChemate ICT Mumbai Navin Fluorine, Surat 
9. Dr. Sunil Rokade ICT Mumbai PDF, ICT Mumbai 
10. Dr. HausabhauPagire KRICT,  S. Korea PDF, S. Korea 
11. Dr. ShekharShinde NCL Pune PDF, UG, USA 
12. Dr. Shrikant Babar ICT Mumbai Lupin, Goa 
13. Dr. VinayakKhodade IISER Pune PDF, JHU., USA  
14. Dr. VasantBorude ICT Mumbai Macloids, Mumbai 
15. Dr. Satish lanke ICT Mumbai Industrailist, Gujrat 
16. Dr. SunitaZaware NACS, Ahmednagar Assistant Professor 
17. Dr. Nitin  Thorat Ahmednagar College  Assistant Professor 
18. Dr. DnyandevGund ICT Mumbai Ph.D. Fellow  
19. Dr. BaluNawale IISER Pune Assistant Professor  
20. Sameer Shaikh NCL Pune Ph.D. Fellow 
21. Pradip Bagale NCL Pune Ph.D. Fellow 
22. Sagar Shrimandilkar NACS College, Parner Assistant Professor  
23. Vivek Wakchaure NCL Pune Ph.D. Fellow 
24. ArchanaBhagwat ICT Mumbai Ph.D. Fellow 
25. Swati Bhalekar KAIST  S. Korea Ph.D. Fellow 
26. Vijay Gayakhe ICT Mumbai Ph.D. Fellow 
27. Vaibhav Khose Mumbai University Ph.D. Fellow 
28. SulochanaBhalekar ICT Mumbai Ph.D. Fellow 
29. SantoshPagire DAAD Fellow,

Univ. Regensburg, Germany

Ph.D. Fellow 
30. Yogesh Khatekar Institute of Science, MU Ph.D. Fellow 
31. Sunil Pawar GIST South Korea Ph.D. Fellow 
32. Sudarshan Chemate BARC, Mumbai Scientific Assistant,


Rank Holder

Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Year Marks Obtained University Rank Class
1. Padalkar Vikas Sudam 2005 1523/2000 2nd M.Sc.
2. Borude Vashant Shivaji 2006 1053/1200 9th B. Sc.
3. Nawale Balu Shankar 2007 1077/1200 3rd B. Sc.
4. Bhagwat Shankar Bhaskar 2008 1120/1200 2nd B. Sc.
5. Thorat Nitin Madhukar 2008 1096/1200 7th B. Sc.
6. Dhage Pramod Babasaheb 2009 1138/1200 1st B. Sc.
7. Shaikh Samir Rashid 2009 1111/1200 2nd B. Sc.
8. Pagire Santosh Kisan 2009 1088/1200 5th B. Sc.
9. Bhagwat Vikas Ramdas 2010 1089/1200 4th B. Sc.
10. Bhalekar Sulochana Balasaheb 2011 1077/1200 3rd B. Sc.
11. Naikwadi Vijay Dhondibhau 2012 792/900 13th B.Sc.
12. Thube Reshma Pandurang 2012 774/900 25th B.Sc.
13. Mapari Neelam 2016 1084/1200 6th B.Sc.
14. Gagare Dinkar Balasaheb 2012 1452/2000 5th M.Sc. Analytical
15. Haral Bapurav Ganpat 2014 1530 7th M. Sc.  Organic
16. Lamkhade Vaishali Nandraj 2014 1526 10th M. Sc.  Organic
17. Gadhave Sagar Shankar 2014 1451/2000 4th M.Sc. Analytical
18. Thube Reshma Pandurang 2015    CGPA 6.0 1st M. Sc. Analytical
19. Thube Bhagyashree Ambadas 2015 CGPA 5.21 9th M. Sc. Analytical
20. Chaudhari Shankar Bhausaheb 2015 CGPA 5.720 10th M. Sc.  Organic
21. Zanjad Prathiba Parshuram 2016 CGPA 5.88 1st M. Sc. Organic
22. Gund Yogita Arjun 2016 CGPA 5.60 10th M. Sc. Organic