Health Committee

Students Health Services Scheme promotes physical, mental & social wellbeing of the students. Health Check-up of every first-year student of the college is compulsory. This is for the benefit of the students as unrecognized disease/s which they are not aware of can be detected at the time of the check-up and the treatment can be taken at appropriate time. The Health Committee conducted a compulsory medical check-up for entry year students of UG/PG classes.  Health check-ups made students health conscious and some students found some unrecognized diseases during medical check-up. They are advised to take proper treatment in time.


1.      To make student health conscious
2.      To acquaint students with importance of Yoga and exercise
3.      To acquaint students with importance of balanced diet


Prof. Ashok More - Chairman


Dr. Tukaram Thopate 
Prof. Sanjay Gaikwad 
Prof. Subhada Aarde
Prof. Vidya Fand 

Visiting Doctors

Dr. Shrikant Pathare, BAMS, Pune
Dr. Subhash Dere, BHMS, Nashik
Dr. Padmaja Pathare, BAMS, Pune