Social Responsibilities

1.    Tobacco Control Activities and SPIT Free India Movement

Stakeholder participated in various clean and green campus initiatives such as Tobacco Control Activities in Maharashtra and Spit Free India Movement organized by Sambandh Health Foundation in Association with SPPU, Pune and SLO & OSD (NSS), Government of Maharashtra. These efforts and initiatives of the HEI are recognized in the terms of awards, certificates and appreciation letter. The NSS unit of New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Parner has also received the Silver, Gold and Platinum Medal for Achievement Award (2019-20) for Leadership in Tobacco Control from Sambandh Health Foundation in Association with SPPU, Pune

2.    Linguistic Survey

Parner is drought prone area of Ahmednagar district consisting significant communal and lingual diversity due to urbanization. There are many students from diverse religious, regional and cultural backgrounds. HEI initiated the linguistic survey to provide inclusive environment and harmony towards cultural, regional, communal and socioeconomic.

3.    Workshop on “Modi Lipi” (Medieval Script)

HEI encourages the students to learn and adopt new skills. Students enrolled in HEI are from rural area of Parner Tehsil and the wards of poor farmer. These farmers find difficulties about the knowledge of their land records at revenue department and it is in “Modi Lipi” (Medieval Script). Therefore, workshop on Modi Lipi” (Medieval Script) was organized to educate the students youth about reading the old manuscripts and documents at the revenue departments. This workshop promoted student not only about the knowledge of script but also able to read it. This workshop made student competent and brought new area of carrier to facilitate farmers.

4.    Cyber Crime Education Programme

The College has periodically organized a “Cyber Crime Education” programme with the auspicious of Parner Police Station, Parner.  Guidance sessions for the students conducted to aware about cyber-crime and cyber security. A Cyber awareness workshop on “Social Media and Related Cyber-Crimes” was also organized. These activities in the college help to bring awareness about challenges in the use of social media among the students. Because of these programmes our students got motivated and they have conducted the outreach activity for school students at New English School, Parner and Bhairavnath Vidyalaya, Punewadi, for creating awareness of the same in the school students at early stages.

5.    Flood Disaster Relief Camp (Kolhapur-Sangali)

The volunteers of NSS unit of New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Parner participated in the University Level flood Disaster Relief Camp (Kolhapur-Sangali) organized by BSD and NSS, SPPU, Pune during 22nd – 28th August, 2019. Eleven students acted as “Swachhata Doot” and rendered the community services. Their contribution was appreciated and recognized in terms of certificate of participation. Volunteers also contributed for collection of Flood Relief Fund

6.    Kerala Relief Fund

The NSS unit of the college collected the Kerala Relief Fund of Rs. 21,000/- with voluntary participation of students, teachers and community to help the flood affected peoples of Kerala.

7.    In-Case Emergency (ICE) Help Group

HEI strives to provide and inclusive learning ambience and continuous efforts are taken to sensitized the stakeholders the through various activities through the extension activities with help of staff, student and community members. The initiatives and efforts in Road Safety Campaign are noteworthy and recognized earlier in terms of awards and appreciation by State Government. College is consistently trying to bring awareness among the people and student who about the road safety and established an In-Case Emergency (ICE) Help Group to provide the help to the accident victims. Teacher, students, Journalist, Social Workers, Doctors and Police consist of teacher, staff and students voluntarily participated in the ICE help group. The members have identified the accident-prone spot on nearby highway Ahmednagar – Pune from Ahmednagar to Shirur on the basis of survey and recommended certain suggestions to Public Works Department, GoM. The actions taken by PWD helped to minimize the incidence of accidents. The group with prior permission from the authorities placed the convex mirror on a sharp turn at Kanher–Ohol on Supa-Parner Road. Student showed the sense of gratitude towards S. T. driver on the occasion of Driver Day. A request letter is also given to the Controller of Parner BUS Depot on behalf of help group, to facilitate the rural student to attend the college as their services were disrupted in the strike. The slogans for road safety awareness were put on the nearby road. 

8.    Initiatives in CoVID-19 Pandemic

During COVI-19 Pandemic situation, HEI is actively involved in awareness of COVID-19 and distributed the face mask prepared by NSS volunteers and NCC cadets to the front-line workers at Parner Police Station, Parner Tehsil office, Swachhata Workers and Citizens. Faculties and staff donated their salary for a day to Chief Minister Relief Fund and contributed to the efforts of Government in the pandemic situation. The hostel facilities of the HEI are made available to Government to start the Covid Care Centre. 

The help the society in the pandemic situation, HEI started the surveyed of COVID -19 affected families and students who have lost their beloved ones, of Parner tehsil with an initiative called “Arogyadeep: Health Activity” and supported them in term of comprehensive health awareness activities for students and particularly for high-risk group such as patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

College organized Mega COVID-19 Vaccination drive also in association with PHC, Parner. College coordinated Covid-19 Vaccination of students under “Yuva Swasthya Mission” of SPPPU, Pune for Parner tehsil as per the guidelines.

9.    Others

  • NSS volunteers and NCC cadets prepared face mask and distributed it to frontline workers at Parner Police Station, Tehsil office, citizens around during COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Participation of NCC Cadets in Pulse Polio Abhiyan at Vadzire Village of Parner Tahsil