Student Mentoring Cell

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The goal of higher education is to nurture human being responsible for their own betterment but also capable of sustaining society and nature and ultimately for the development of a nation. A large cohort of students is from rural and urban areas, with different backgrounds and preparation. The college environment is very new for them and they find various difficulties in due course of their student life. Probably students fail to recognize the goals of the institute. The student should have knowledge and skills related to his/her work and as a good citizen. A student induction programme, therefore, comes up with Student Mentoring Cell with the following objective and methodologies:
1. To develop a healthy relationship between students and teachers
2. To ensure the academic and professional performance of the students
3. To inculcate human values among the students
Student Mentoring Cell: 
Hon. Principal Dr. R. K. Aher
IQAC Coordinator 
Prof. Dr. D. R. Thube
Dr. R. N. Deshmukh
Faculty Incharge 
Dr. R. S. Diggikar (Science)
Dr. D. P. Sontakke (Arts/Commerce)
Prof. Y. M. Waghere
Prof. M. S. Aher

Academic Year 2022-23

Academic Year 2021-22

Academic Year 2020-21

Academic Year 2019-20