Women Empowerment Cell

The Gender Equality Cell, Women Empowerment Cell of New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Parner is in existence since 2019. It is constituted as per Section 3.2 (15) of UGC Guidelines (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) Regulations, 2015. It works proactively towards developing a safe, secure and conducive work environment for employees, and to ensure that all students may gain their education without fear of prejudice, gender bias, hostility or sexual harassment.


To foster the mechanism for gender equality and to promote women empowerment  


  • To Prevent sexual harassment
  • To promote gender equality
  • To promote gender justice and non-discrimination


  • To create conducive work environment
  • To create mutual respect among the all genders
  • To enhance women empowerment


  • To prepare annual gender sensitization action plan
  • To organize gender equality awareness programmes
  • To work for women empowerment and societal heighten
  • To create gender amity among all the stakeholders by activities


Dr. M. N. Lahare,7276253295


Dr. V. P. Dhawale, 9822725739
Prof. J. D. Mhaske, 9822030981
Dr. S. G. Kundlikar, 9766917471
Prof. R. D. Sonawane, 8983636689
Prof. P. S. Tanpure,  7774839003
Prof. S. S. Arde, 9665123781

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Academic Year - 2021-22

  1. Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan 2022-23 
    Sr. No. Events/ Activities Action Plan Incharge Timeline
    1. Induction / Orientation Program for awareness:

    a)         Gender Equality Sensitization

    b)        Women


    a)         Induction Program for first year students

    b)        Lecture workshop of


    Dr. P. P. Bharate

    Prof. P. S. Tanpure

    Prof. M.S. Tarade



    2. Community Programme a)         Mobile literacy to unprivileged and rural women working in unskilled sector

    b)        Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao

    Dr. S. G. Kundalikar

    Prof. S. S. Chaudhari

    Prof. A.B. Satpute



    3. Cultural Activities

    a)         Equal opportunity Day Celebration

    b)        Women’s Day

    a)         Rangoli Competition

    b)        Poster Competition

    c)         Elocution Competition

    d)        Dance/ Singing/Music

    e)         Logo Design Competition

    f)          Rally

    Dr. D. P. Dhawale

    Prof. J. D. Mhaske

    Prof. A. G. Tamboli

    Prof. B.S. Yenare



    4. Women’s Safety a)         Lecture Workshop on Cyber Security

    /Social Media and Victimization/ Gender Awareness and PoSH Act

    b)        Self Defence Workshop

    Dr. S. S. Arde

    Prof. R.B. Sonawane



    5. Skill Development Course a)    Computer Literacy workshop Prof. P.R. Atkar

    Prof. A.A. Gaike

    Prof. Y. R. Satpute



    6. Women Empowerment a)    Lecture workshops of local women Entrepreneur Prof. V. A. Magar

    Prof. N.T. Mandge

    Prof. S.P. Kalokhe



    7. Health and Hygiene Workshop a)         Lecture workshop of Women’s Health/ Menstrual Hygiene/ Cervical Cancer

    b)        Yoga Training workshops

    c)         Pre-marital Counselling

    d)        Installation of Sanitary Pad Vending Machines at ladies washroom and common room

    e)         Covid -19 Vaccination

    Dr. V. P. Dhawale

    Prof. R. D. Sonawane

    Prof. G. K. Mujawar

    March 2023
    8. Gender Sensitization Training Programme PoSH Act Course - Sakal Media Group Prof. J. D. Mhaske

    Dr. M.N. Lahare

    Prof. R. M. Shaikh

    April 2023
    9. Beauty Parlour Training Centre  Women Empowerment Dr. M.N. Lahare

    Prof. A. G. Tamboli

    Prof. V. Gadhave

    Per Year

    4 Batch

    10. Day Care Centre To establish and active running of Day Care Centre Dr. M.N. Lahare

    Dr. V. P. Dhawale

    Prof. R. D. Sonawane

    Prof. R. M. Shaikh

    Dr. S. G. Kundalikar

    Every Year

Academic Year - 2021-22

  1. Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan 2021-22
  2. Annual Report of Activities with Photo of WEC 2021-22
  3. Specific Facilities Provided for Women 2021-22

Academic Year - 2020-21

  1. Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan 2020-21
  2. Annual Report of Activities with Photo of WEC 2020-21
  3. Specific Facilities Provided for Women 2020-21